Saturday, December 15, 2007


I was all excited today at the groceries store - I could not believe my eyes when I saw the packaging and its contents. I was grinning from ear to ear and could not help it even as I was paying for my good fortune.

What am I talking about - hehe! Let me tell you.

I was at the frozen section while doing my weekly groceries and then something familiar caught my eyes, it was the logo which had me stop at my tracks - the logo of Buatan Malaysia. I was like WTF! As I got closer, the contents in the package somehow brought warmness to my heart and a big smile on my face - ROTI CANAI (instant)..

Wooohoooo! Instant 'roti canai' and made in Malaysia - the brand was 'Kawan'. And capati too.. I have seen it in Macro and Tesco before but I never have tasted it or thought of buying it when I was in Malaysia. Why buy frozen when you can have a fresh one from your friendly neighbourhood mamak? I could almost smell the fresh roti canai being heated up, the 'dhal' and sambal which comes along with it - OMG!
Well call me crazy but I took 3 packs of each as I am not going to take chances. Can you imagine, being in this island and having to find something so close to home, it is awesome. And if I be over dramatic, I would have said that I almost shed a tear for the blessing. All I can think of was the taste and can't wait to be home!

Finding the roti canai and capati was like a lost treasure or even like getting a candy when you are kid. I am still happy and after babi-ing 3 pieces of the roti canai, I think I can live in this island so long that the supermarket have the stock coming in.

What can I say - Trip to the supermarkets US3, Groceries US75, finding the Instant Roti Canai/Capati - priceless! hehehe! By the way, it is not cheap to savour instant roti canai - US6 for one pack but then who cares.. It is on top my my next groceries list.


Big Bad Wolf said...

roti canai for USD6??
wat a rip off..

Irene said...

ya man, USD6, walaoeh...

but then it took flight from here to get there kan? So... hahahahha!

bensiu said...

you r a nahai! priceless issit?

And KAWAN brand issit? I think in Malaysia supermarket, they r just waiting to be stored away... hahaha

I can imagine your 'priceless' expression!