Thursday, December 6, 2007


I was reading an article the other about friends. Of how lucky one to have friends and the different type of friends. This made me thinking of my circles of friends I have made over the years and those that I have known since school days.

So what is true friendship means to one? For me, it means that I can call one in the middle of the night if I needed help or something that been bothering me. There is also friends which makes good meals companion and that just it, yes I do have friends which is so bad at everything else but we find a common thread when comes to dining. I also have friends which I can bitch about almost anything to everything and not get hurts by their straighforwardness. Movie friends, texting friends, travel companions, work friends and etc etc and of course friends with benefits? Hahaha!
Regardless how we define our friends or categorize them, these people actually makes a point to know you and in return, we must keep the friendship going. Why? Because that is the most humane thing to do.
As we grow up, we come to meet different people and it gets harder to define friendship. Do we regard everyone we meet and help us out a friend or a mere acquaintance? I don't know. Sometimes we get confuse how a friend comes around and then they are the best thing that happen to us. And you learn to appreciate them even more because sometimes, it is not the number of years that you have known them but how sincere.
People fall out of love, does friends fall out of friendship as well? Yes indeed, I think it happens because I am feeling that a few of my friends is kinda drifting apart. Not sure what was the reasons, perhaps its the distance, perhaps that as we grow, our demand for attention changes. I don't know but then I am still counting my blessing for all friends that still keeping in touch with me although I am miles away from them.
So perhaps this quote is almost right 'friendships should last and not fade with the passing of time.'
What say you?

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bensiu said...

You know last time Juntat said something to me that FRIENDS ARE MEANTS TO BE USED....

And.... i memangpun kena USED..hahaha jangan think serong!

nice one huh?