Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hello & Goodbye!!

Well it is that time of the year again where all of us tries to recall how did the year fare and at the same time, cracking our head over what sort of resolutions to make for the new year. As far as I can recall, this year has been sort of a whirlwind one for me. Lots of things happened all at the same time - mostly good stuff.

The year started off busy with me trying to get a promotion and finding a new transfer for me. Which made me realise that sometimes it is hard to do it. The agony of all the interviews and waiting for a yes. But the thrill was there, to know what you are expected to be and also worth. Somehow I decided to make a switch from front office to housekeeping. Yes, I trade the glamorous lobby and opportunities to meet different guest at the front desk, the exchange of name cards while you mingle around with them for something less glamorous - the housekeeping. The switch was timely and the experience thus far has been great. To all my friends, well, I still do need to clean the toilet, check the aircond duct, make the bed, high dust and all the cleaning stuff to make the guest rooms all nice and comfortable from time to time. Though being in management, when the time call for a crunch, you just got to get your hands dirty to make it happen for the guest to ensure they have a great experience staying with us. I never regretted it abit now being in the position for 6 months now. And all, how could I almost forgotten about making a HUGE change of living condition, from a city to an island. Not just about any island but a tiny one. Where comfort is not the first thing that comes to mind. I gave up cinemas, al fresco restaurant, theatre, shopping malls for a small street with buildings not taller than 2 storeys and no malls, no fast food and though I am not a big fan - Starbucks!

What else happened, let see - oh, I was blessed to be able to attend four weddings too. Not just any weddings but close friends. One of them was a childhood friend that I knew all the way from primary one (Chee Wei), another one a friend which came to my life during high school, a loud spoken girl which is so opinionated sometimes that you just want to shut her up (Guan), as for the 3rd wedding, both of them has been very special to me although I just knew them for 2 years but they have come into my life so beautifully, they have always been there and took care of me and come to accept me as part of their family (Eric & Mariela), and the last wedding was a dear friend which share alot of same interest and funny too (Andreina). All in all, I was happy to be part of their happiness.

Also, I come to appreciate family love more than ever as I realise that it is hard to be not connected to them. Why do I say that that is because, the phone company in this island SUCKS coz I can't received text messages from my parents or friends from Malaysia and having to call home from Nevis to Malaysia is extremely expensive. I yearn for the love and the attention actually. Sigh! As for my friends, I am ever grateful for all of those who has sending me emails and coming online to chat with me. Amusing me always with stories and updates from back home and keeping me in touch with everyone progress.

The last quarter of the year has been a battle of adjusting to the new environment and finding for new friends which till now not really fruitful but I am happy for the few new friends which I have made. And also learning to live all by myself - yes all alone in a house with no one else. Strange at first but then it is somewhat a freedom now and total solitary. But then there is a bad side as well cause just last week, my home was just broke into. Sad but then what to do, it is something which is not on the agenda. I am glad that I am save and not hurt in any way - no worries, I wasn't home that time. And personal things can be always replace though.

Well, all in all I would not say it is all great or a boring one. Just another ordinary year and counting my blessing for it has made me more mature than before and stronger to face the tough world. And I am also looking forward for the new year - too bad, I am not a big fan of making resolution as I am bad at keeping it and recently one of my friend says that resolution do not need to be made only during the new year. You can make it anytime and have it achieve, which make more sense and fulfillment.

So it is goodbye to 07' and hello 08'.. Will definitely miss it but then not holding on to it too.. Oooh ! By the way, biggest achievement this year - learning how to swim and glad that I am enjoying it (yesss, I hear a few teases coming soon, bring it on).

Saturday, December 15, 2007


I was all excited today at the groceries store - I could not believe my eyes when I saw the packaging and its contents. I was grinning from ear to ear and could not help it even as I was paying for my good fortune.

What am I talking about - hehe! Let me tell you.

I was at the frozen section while doing my weekly groceries and then something familiar caught my eyes, it was the logo which had me stop at my tracks - the logo of Buatan Malaysia. I was like WTF! As I got closer, the contents in the package somehow brought warmness to my heart and a big smile on my face - ROTI CANAI (instant)..

Wooohoooo! Instant 'roti canai' and made in Malaysia - the brand was 'Kawan'. And capati too.. I have seen it in Macro and Tesco before but I never have tasted it or thought of buying it when I was in Malaysia. Why buy frozen when you can have a fresh one from your friendly neighbourhood mamak? I could almost smell the fresh roti canai being heated up, the 'dhal' and sambal which comes along with it - OMG!
Well call me crazy but I took 3 packs of each as I am not going to take chances. Can you imagine, being in this island and having to find something so close to home, it is awesome. And if I be over dramatic, I would have said that I almost shed a tear for the blessing. All I can think of was the taste and can't wait to be home!

Finding the roti canai and capati was like a lost treasure or even like getting a candy when you are kid. I am still happy and after babi-ing 3 pieces of the roti canai, I think I can live in this island so long that the supermarket have the stock coming in.

What can I say - Trip to the supermarkets US3, Groceries US75, finding the Instant Roti Canai/Capati - priceless! hehehe! By the way, it is not cheap to savour instant roti canai - US6 for one pack but then who cares.. It is on top my my next groceries list.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


I was reading an article the other about friends. Of how lucky one to have friends and the different type of friends. This made me thinking of my circles of friends I have made over the years and those that I have known since school days.

So what is true friendship means to one? For me, it means that I can call one in the middle of the night if I needed help or something that been bothering me. There is also friends which makes good meals companion and that just it, yes I do have friends which is so bad at everything else but we find a common thread when comes to dining. I also have friends which I can bitch about almost anything to everything and not get hurts by their straighforwardness. Movie friends, texting friends, travel companions, work friends and etc etc and of course friends with benefits? Hahaha!
Regardless how we define our friends or categorize them, these people actually makes a point to know you and in return, we must keep the friendship going. Why? Because that is the most humane thing to do.
As we grow up, we come to meet different people and it gets harder to define friendship. Do we regard everyone we meet and help us out a friend or a mere acquaintance? I don't know. Sometimes we get confuse how a friend comes around and then they are the best thing that happen to us. And you learn to appreciate them even more because sometimes, it is not the number of years that you have known them but how sincere.
People fall out of love, does friends fall out of friendship as well? Yes indeed, I think it happens because I am feeling that a few of my friends is kinda drifting apart. Not sure what was the reasons, perhaps its the distance, perhaps that as we grow, our demand for attention changes. I don't know but then I am still counting my blessing for all friends that still keeping in touch with me although I am miles away from them.
So perhaps this quote is almost right 'friendships should last and not fade with the passing of time.'
What say you?