Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Thanksgiving is fast approaching and it is one the best time of the year where family and friends get together. To have a meal and also if the dinner involves a few family attending, there is the battle who will get the honour of doing the turkey. I have seen it and it can be an ugly sight, especially you have relatives which think their stuffing is the best for the turkey.

Anyway, some of you might ask why am I fussing all about Thanksgiving when I am not even a Westerner. Well you see, I am someone which takes every single opportunity to call for a celebration regardless it is significant or not. Back in the days when I was working in KL, I didn't give much thought as half the time, I got to work on public holidasy or special occassion which celebrated in masses by many oridnary citizen. This is because I work in a hotel where the operations are 24/7 and sometimes it is real hard to get a day off when half of the city decides to come to the hotel and enjoyed a meal or two and at the same time, giving hell to the staff which at their service. Why, because one thinks that money can buy everything and people have come to not appreciate these hard working staff which might be missing spending the special holiday with their loves one - show some gratitude at least (SOB).

Ok now lets get back to the reasons why I am celebrating it. Thanksgiving is important to me now its because, for the last couple of year, I have come to appreciate my family and friends around me even more. I realise that many times I have placed my career as my priorities and sort of neglected the people around me. And at the same time, I have people whom are perfect strangers which come to love me for who I am and now hold dear to my heart. People which plays important role in my life and regards me as their family member. As for my very own family, I realise that our ties are stronger and more bonded than before given that I am at overseas as well as my other siblings. Perhaps the saying, absence makes the heart grows fonder.

It is also a time to reflect the year for all the good things that come to us in many forms and the misses of bad lucks.

So this year, I wish to give thanks for the a new jourey which I have embarked on. New found friends for a lasting friendship, new ties from extended family for a lifelong happiness, for existing friends another wonderful year ahead and many more to come, and finally to my parents and siblings thanks for the love and care.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


Well, it has been 6 weeks now that I have last written but it has not been inspiring at all for me lately as my work has been getting so much of my attention. Also it is my own laziness of not wanting to crack my head open for any writing materials. I am sure you all well familiar of all the usual excuses of one not writing. In fact keeping a blog is like having a pet. You got to keep writing to make it alive. But sorry, I am just not in the mood lately for all this.

One of the reasons is that I have found a website which I can watch my Japanese series and TVB series too.. So it has taken most of my free time. You see, I am in a place where I am deprived of going to the cinema as there is no existance of it. And it has been years since I follow any new release of TVB series. I think I am not even sure what is going on in the world of HK entertainment.

Other than that, my work has been piling up as the 'bruha' in my office is officially resigning which is a good news to me. I know I am bad but then it is the best for both parties. We both can't seems to see eye to eye on our working method. This has been going since the first week of my arrival. There is a lot of clashes in ideas and how to run the department. Now I can at least breathe much easier but also it means more responsibilities on my side. And who knows a promotion is in store. But lets not go too far on that. I have expectations but then I am also new to that area. So perhaps patience is the virtue of all.

I have nothing really to write but for the sake of this baby of mine, I got to keep it alive. I do not want to be call a procastinator.. Heheh! So hopefully, once all is better, I will be able to contribute more okay!