Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How much is that doggy?

As I was heading towards work the other day, there was this puppy which followed me. Well, to many of my friends I am not a big fan of dog's as I am in fact scare of them. Somehow, this little fellow did not deterred to go away despite me giving the 'get away stare' and shooo-ing him off. So I let it just follow me and for a matter of fact, he stayed on the enitre day hanging around the staff area. I didn't pay much attention but there was abuzz by my colleagues at work about the dog. And some of them started to refer it as my doggy as they have seen him following me earlier.

I toyed with the idea of bringing him home fthe entire day and I told myself that if he follos me after work then, I will make him my pet. In fact I sort of have a name for him too - Jaja (he has ears like Jaja Bing from Starwars). Anyway, it rained the whole day and by the timeI finishes work it was still raining and the doggy did not budge abit, perhaps he was at his comfort sitting under the shade and the amount of food that was given to him. I didn't bother much by that.

When I reach home, I told my foster brother & a few friends about getting the dog. Most of them were very receptive about the idea but until one of my friends points out the responsibilites which comes with having a pet. It is not just abot giving food and making sure he is clean but you got to make time for him and make sure he is loved. You got to sent him to the vet when he is sick and not give junk food but instead healthy food (come on if there any healthy food out there now). So what will happen when I am away for a few days, who will take care and what if I leave the island for good. Ahhhh, too much of attachment.

I come to realise that having a dog as a pet is too much of a commitment thingy. I can't even commit myself to a relationship and take care of myself fully, and here I am wanting to get a doggy. Well it was well worth the thought of iut, perhaps later. Also, I guess I got kind of influence from the book which I was reading a few months back "Marley & Me". It is a great book and for those dog lovers out there, I highly recommend this book. Its a book about the connection between the owner and the dog. Very heart warming.

But come to think of it, my family used to have dogs long time ago when we were kids. In fact two of them, one is Wendy & the other is Molly (if I recalled correctly). Anyway, if I want a dog, it will not be just about any dog, not those fancy little dog which look like a mouse or so skinny that a 'hotdog' looks so much better. I want a golden retriever. That's a dog.

We will see but till then, I will be humming the tune of 'How much is that doggy at the window".

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Well, I have moved to my new place almost for a 5 weeks now and I didn't really have a chance to get my stuff organise. Also, another friend of mine which just left Nevis have given me a tons of stuff thus I thought today would be the perfect day to get a little spring cleaning. It is a small place, just perfect for a single/double person to stay in. It has a kitchenette, a separate clothing storage area, and a bedroom. It is actually more like a studio as there is no doors to my bedroom but instead just a wall to separate the living area and the sleeping area. Also, you will notice that the washing machines is kind of an eyesore as it is in the living room (thank goodness that it is at the corner).

You see, I am now working in housekeeping so it will be a shame if someone drop by to my place (not like as if I am expecting any guest anytime soon - perhaps later) but who knows, a surprise visit or something and upon coming to my place and to find it in a mess. How embarrassing will that be. I started my day by organising my books and also, the display items that I wanted to showcase (not many stuff that I have). Then there was some hammering as well - pretty handy actually me, surprise surprise!

But what I like most was the world map I have hung on my wall and the 'batik' I have on my bed.

First of all, the world map was actually a shower curtain. I was in Miami last week, so I thought of gathering some stuff when I stumble upon this shower curtain and I was like - WOW! I thought to myself and decided that it will be interesting to have it as my new wall decor instead. The price was right and I grab it and of course, I check to make sure that they have Malaysia on it as well. You knowlah, some part of the world, they still think Malaysia is Singapore or Malaysia is actually in Indonesia - sedih case.

Then, being a Chinese I thought I needed something to reflect my oriental-ness but since the only closest thing I can find was this little poster I got during my trip to Houston for Chinese New Year and I got it from the temple. I didn't hesitate at all to put it up. I am proud to be a Chinese-Malaysian (and also a Latino too - heheheh). Beside this, I have brought with me a piece of 'batik' which I have no idea what am I to do with it until I saw my bare bed and thought, it would makes a perfect runner over the clean white sheets. And voila! I love it - just the hassle of removing it when I want to sleep and putting it back the next day. Like any beauty regime, it is never easy to look beautiful thus it is works the same with keeping your place tidy and neat - you got to make an effort. Oh, do you notice the Malaysia flag - somewhat hidden though.

I am trying to get my window curtains change on my next trip to Miami. I hates my current curtains which is peach in colour (from the owners) except for the one which belongs to me (rainbow - ahhh, such colours for such a cheerful person like me). I am still figuring what should I get - perhaps some curtains with bamboo motif to make it more oriental or an ocean blue with white lines to bring the ocean elements in and make the room brighter (not the white painted walls - sigh!).

So this is my little place - a place where I come home to everyday after a long day of work and to the quietness of it, away from the whole day bickering and bitching at the work place. My own paradiso - Aaaahhhh! I am still thinking of getting a few potted plants - what say you?

Saturday, September 15, 2007


I am sitting at my living room wondering how will my future be and also how long more will it take me to climb the success ladder when I come across the horoscope page n one of the magazine. Being curious I take a peek at my star and I was delighted at what I am reading. So here it goes (just abit of it) - 'a breath of fresh air seems to be wafting through your life this month.. any lingering doubts about a long-considered career or lifestyle change lift away and in your relationship the romantic uncertainties you've been unhappily harboring will finally be laid rest'..

Hmm! There is some truth in that as here I am in Nevis, wondering about where my career have taken me so far and how will it take me in the coming days. As for the relationship part, I have been thinking about that part much lately, age is catching up perhaps but it will be nice to be able to come home to someone (to settle down permanently but of course I got to find someone before anything can happen).

So how many of you out there do believe in horoscope and faithfully reads the daily section about how your day will be? I remember doing that when I was in college and even during high school, I was so immersed reading the horoscope section everyday the very first thing in the morning. Then some of the predictions does not make sense and sometimes it is scary too. So I decided to read it at the end of the day just to see how true it is since the day almost comes to an end. Hehe!

But now, I don't read it as often, only once in awhile like today. Sometimes all is lost but it seems there is still hope to harbour on (of the horoscope is right) if not then I prefer to lead my life on my own rules and chart my own destiny.

Friday, September 14, 2007


What a day! Not the smoothest one thus far and I am glad that I am back at my own place. All at the comfort of my couch and also my favourite things.

Well, you see I got a very disturbing news yesterday and I was disappointed with the events that took place and having to be kept out from the information sort of builds my anger. And by the time I arrived to work, I got post-it notes all over my desk asking me to do a million assignment which could have been easily accomplished before my arrival at the hotel. That didn't help at all.

First of all, the reasons I was angry was because I thought I was center of everything and everyone. But then it seems I was wrong. I am just about any ordinary persons which once in awhile feels luckiest when something good happens or when your friend regards you the closest (sometimes only). So when at times, you are not the first to know something or been invited to something or if you feel you are not the priority, the feelings sucks! But then, I am one of those people whom forgive and forgets easily - thank goodness for that! As for what had happen, nah! its no big matter. Just something silly which is no big deal.

As for my work, I hate it when people whom know nothing but lick ass to the extreme. Damn! And I hate it when they start to delegates what they promise to get it done themselves and then makes the rest of the people lives miserable. And worst of it, when it is a biatch - I guess it takes one to know one (hahahahaa) but then I m not all like that. I am more considerate as I believe in giving people chances so I am only a big 'B' when instructions are not follow or people too stubborn to listen and repetitively doing the same old stuff. Hate those ignorant people.

And on top of this, working in Housekeeping is not easy so it kind of builds up everything else. I will tell all about this another time about my work. But today, things just not on my side - even as I am typing this, not all my friends is online as I expected it to be.. Sigh!

So tell me, I do deserve to angst my frustration right?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

All by myself??

I was asked whether if I will be fine living by myself recently by a close friend which I say I will be alright and not to worry. Actually I was lying and in fact, I am not at all prepared to be alone and for a matter of fact, to live in a foreign place is even scarier. Well you see, all this while I have been pretty lucky when comes to getting a housemate and finding a place to share. I remember my first time living with total strangers during my college years and also workings days but turn out, I made a bunch of great friends and till now, some of us still keep in touch.
But while we discuss the topic, I could not help but to count my blessing for the last few years, all my housemate has been a blessing. Some of them have become part of my life and important to me. They were like a family to me and have always concern about my well-being. I get advice from them, I shared my life story with them and also my woes at times but they have never complained once of being my shoulder to cry on. These special people replace the role of housemate but rather act like a sibling to me. As for me, I have become so dependable on them for almost everything. I am good at my work and I could easily makes decision at work place but when I get home, some of the stuff I have no idea what to do with it or I am just lost and confused. And half the time, it is my housemate which come to the rescue.
Now that I am staying alone in an island, I am scare and worry that I will not able to make it. I have no one to come home too except for my laptop, my cable tv, my stacks of books, my collection of cd's and ahh, yes my bed! but then who am I to chat with, who am I to share jokes and laughter, what if I had a bad day and needed a shoulder to cry on, what if I am in the mood for wine who will drink with me, who will discuss all the TV series with me and also just about everything else. I am just not ready to be alone.
Sigh! I guess this is the time where people says it is a period where you go through a phase of your life all by your self and you end up coming out stronger and wiser in everything. It will make you or break you. I am still not sure if I will ever make it - hehehe! To all my friends out there which are staying all by themselves and living abroad or in a strange place far away from families or out of their comfort zone, I salute you all for being tough and strong. For being such an inspirational at times for me to take everyday as it comes.

All by myself?? I am hopeless at that so please, come and rescue me.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


My apologies to all. I know it has been awhile since i last wrote anything - and blame it all on Caribbean Cable Communications. It takes them forever to get my internet line fixed. And it doesn't help when in the office, you do not have access to internet for all your favourites sites. Anyway, this is a small announcement to say that I am back ad with that, I promise more goodies to come okay but I will be away for the next couple of days to Miami for some civilization and also to attend a very important wedding.