Friday, August 10, 2007

First love!

Wislawa Szymborska once wrote in a poem - first love may not be a tempestuous or as passionate as later ones, but for some reasons it's the one that stays with you until the very end. When I read that, I can't help but to agrees which I am sure many out there shares the same sentiments.

Love comes in many forms to different individuals and its speaks a universal language that makes many of us weak at our knees and our heart skip a beat when one is in love. Girls will bats their lashes and gushes till their cheeks turned rosy pink and for the boys, they will be in they best manner, all clean shave and cologne all over.

Nope. I am not in love. I had it once and lost the battle but it was the very first. It was an innocent one, something which happened very unexpectedly. Didn't really last long, try to fought for its survival but it ended and in fact it left a mark. It used to hurt when I think or speak about it but now, I laughed over the matter and only think of the fond memories. We no longer keep in touch but we know each other existence. The sayings seems true and till today as much as I have move on but it never really the same. I have met a few others but something is missing which I never quite figure out. Nah, I am not going spare any juicy details about it but all I can say was I did believed in first love and still do. Perhaps there is a another 'first love' out there.

So for the mean time, my love now is my family and friends closest to me. They have been wonderful and I am glad that I am lucky to have them. My parents have been real supportive of what I am doing and it hurts to be so far away from them but their love and constant advices makes me stronger each day and have faith. As for my siblings, we were never really close when we were kids but of late, I guess it is because all of us is so far away from each other and as we grow older we speak our mind out more openly, we discuss things and we actually communicate. There is nothing more important than siblings love.
As for my friends, some which I have known just for a few years and some which I have known for ages - they are the one which plays quite a role in my growing up years and adulthood. The relationship which I have with them are one of the greatest thing and it brings so much joy whenever there is an occasion to celebrate, to be able to be among friends. To chat and to bicker, to gossip and to laugh at each other, to give support in times of needs and to be grateful that we are friends. There is a special bond that I shared with them. In their busy schedule, many of them slot in time to meet up and for that very reason, I feel lucky. Those quick lunch bites, last minute dinner fixes, planned trips, pre-dinner meet up for a cuppa of ice blended, movies outing and to some of my girl friend, window shopping's. Also not forgetting, to some friends which never quite make it to any of the outings - well I still do love you all. Hehe!

For now, to all my friends, thanks for everything because the very first time I get to know you all, it like first love. Tell me, what else is there to ask?

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Dessert before maincourse?

Have any one of us ever thought of doing something out of our norm or comfort zone? Something fun or crazy or daring? How about having dessert before main course? Hmmm..

When I was back home vacationing and waiting for my work papers to sort out - I had one of the best time. Why? Well the very reasons is that I was able to meet allot of my friends this time round and spending more time with my parents and siblings. And obviously with all these meets, we are talking about food and drinks.

But in one particular outing with my friend, we were suppose to have lunch and rather looking at the main course menu, the selection of dessert looks so much tempting on the menu. We sort of jump into the idea of having dessert instead, it didn't take us long to decide. I had a cheesecake and brownies while my friend had a tiramisu and carrot cake. And for drinks, we had a ice-blended and milkshake. By the time, the main course was here - we got too much on the table for the both of us. It was an unforgettable afternoon.

And it got me thinking, that all of us have a choice in our daily. There is many things which we do that we can break away from our norm. One of my friend was chatting with me the other and says that he is not sure whether he should participate in an expedition which they will cycle for a few hundreds miles. His worries?? That he won't be at the front of the pack and not able to complete the expedition. And I was relating to him about this dessert before main course thingy.

I told him to give it a try and the whole point is not to win or be among the front of the pack. It is all about being part of the expedition and supporting it cause. To do something crazy like this and have fun. To have fun is the most important thing and it takes courage for many to achieve it. Going out there and trying to have fun. Many of us, think too much, there will be always too many whys in us. It is fine to be cautious in our decision but who knows, something bigger and better is in store for us.

Sometimes, in life - great things comes to us in the most unexpected ways but sometimes, we need to create moments to enjoy life. Perhaps the next time, flip to the last page of the menu and have dessert first. Go and order that piece of chocolate fudge or brownies or 3 scoops ice creams that I bet all of us loves - and please not those on low calories and sugar type. Have fun!

Friday, August 3, 2007

For who?

I was reading an article on The Star online just only but I was very disturb by one of the news reported. Apparently there is this particular politician which mentioned that the upcoming elections is not about politics but about the future of the Malays (quote and unquote).

I am sorry to hear such a remark as we are about to celebrate our 50th Merdeka (Independence Day). Whats does that suppose to mean - the future of the Malay? What about us the rest of us - the Chinese, the Indians and also the rest of the Ethnic groups? Are our future not important? What is in store for us, for the components parties in Barisan Nasional? Who's cause are we championing then - for a singular group which already enjoys much privilege as a Bumiputra? The mindset of such a politician is so shallow and childish. I can not imagine what else it is for us (non-bumiputras) if the up coming election is not for every rakyat forming from different background and beliefs but rather just the Malays? That is absurd. We have come a long way as a Malaysian but yet we different ourselves by our race and religion rather than a nation.

We pride ourselves as a harmonious nation. During festive seasons, we share our celebrations and welcome our friends from different races to our house. In times of needs, we come around together with open arms without looking at the different background. This should be something which we all must preserved, something which we must fight to maintained and proper it - the togetherness as a nation from different background as a Malaysian but not by our race.

I am proud to say that I have a group of Muhhibah friends which I have known for many many years now and even now at work, I have made friends from different background. I have made it a point to learn their customs (not all) especially the food and the traditions. I love all those old classic movies from the late Tan Sri P. Ramlee as his work reflects our nation in the most Muhhibah-ness. You see different races acting in it. But all this somehow are missing and we seems to be a step backward.

My only hope is to see our politician to be more open minded and look Malaysia as a nation forming from different races rather segregate us as into groups with different agendas. Let us come forward as one nation and proud of it.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Finally here - Nevis

Here I am trying to settled down in Nevis, a tiny little island with a 7miles diameter only and have a population of almost ten thousand people (stop, gasping) I know it is small. Nevis is located among the many other island within the Caribbean and have a long history of French and British influence - got to catch up with the reading on the history, the book is sitting at my office desk for the past one week.

Well it is never easy to settle down in a foreign place and also for a first timer to live in an island is scary. No kidding, this is very unlike Langkawi or Perhentian or the usual island we have back home in Malaysia. I have always been a city boy and somehow this time round I took a blunt decision to give island life a try (career sake). I have to admit it till now I am still questioning myself of my own sanity for doing this.

This is my third week here and I am still finding my way around to get accustomed to the many things that the local do. People here are extremely friendly no doubt and some unmentionable stuff (to those which I have written email to, you know what I am talking about). Charlestown is a tiny little town which host all the main financial institution and also government offices. The distance from the main road to the end of the town - 20mins, with buildings not taller than a palm tree (should have gotten some pics - later).

Beaches here is nice and the water not so crystal clear but you can still find your wedding band if you drop it not at all polluted. The sands are volcanic sands which give a soft smooth feeling when you step on it and somehow hard to wash off even with spraying water, you still need to use your hand to brush off the sand - how annoying. There is a huge mountain which sets the back drop for the island but not many people actually knows the exact height of it, I have asked a few locals but none able to tell me.

Nevis has a nice weather but scorching hot during mid-day. Other than that, the breezy winds helps allot to cool the air and during night time, it has a cooling effect. For me, the weather is unbearable at times but does anyone care if I complain - nope! and yes, it is noticeably that my skin tone have change slightly - I am officially now a cookie-brown and wish not turn to a brownie.

A tremendous amount of churches here and the last time someone told me, they have almost 80 churches around the island - amazing lot and pretty religious I guess for the Nevisian. Lots of donkeys and goats as well all over the island. Their populations is almost similar to the number of people. Hm mm - do we see a pattern here??

Anyway, my very first taste of local food was actually conch fritters which tasted not bad. But then for this past three weeks, so far it is just fries, chicken, sandwich, more fries, chicken, gumbo soup, fries, sandwich, chicken and more fries - this is SAD cause room service menu yuks! and canteen food too. Can't wait to move out and do my own cooking, yes I do know how to cook but my ex-roommate was a better cook (ahhh, miss those pasta with shrimp).

Like that lor. Got to stop babbling for now.